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Ambreigns || This Is How We Do vs XO || 


I love this backstage pass interview with Ambreigns. Roman saying “sweet pea” and his little promo about Seth was great to me. & Dean being awkward and loving Roman’s promo, then the Ambreigns brotherhood feels. My guys, man. And of course, Dean at the end. Lol

Dean Ambrose talking about Roman’s tattoo and pulling a prank

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My babies and I really miss watching them together. I love to quote them so much….

Dean about Roman:- “He’s like a beacon of light”

Roman about Dean:- “Dean’s like this crazy wackjob, but I like crazy”

I can only pray & hope for Roman’s speedy recovery so that when he returns we at least get to see them together once again. And, poor Dean has to no more tag with Cena against authority.